Frequently Asked Questions
      What is a "receivership"?  
      When will I receive any of my investment back?  
      How much of my investment will I receive back?  
      What is the best way to get in touch with the Receiver if I have a question?  
      What do I need to do next?  
      How do I file a claim for my investment?  
      Is periodic (e.g., quarterly) interest added to the total claim during the Receivership (e.g., each quarter)?  
      Are personal assets of Glenn C. Mueller (e.g., homes, autos, etc.) included in the Receivership Estate?  
      Do you advise that I hire an attorney?  
      When will you know whether or not the Receivership Defendants are going to file bankruptcy?  
      Do I need to file any papers with the Court regarding my potential claims?  
      Glenn C. Mueller has been named in the Complaint but what about other individuals within the company?  
      Will I receive periodic interest payments?   
      Will I receive payment to comply with applicable “required minimum distribution” (an “RMD”) rules during the Litigation?  
      When will K-1s or account statements be available for 2019?  
      Will the Receiver pursue individual investor claims?  
      Are the Receivership Defendants and Glenn C. Mueller cooperating with the SEC and the Receiver?  
      How do I file a claim for my investment?